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A series of measures was developed for the new headquarters of the Austrian producer of compound animal feeds Garant which were aimed at informing visitors in a continuous and lively way about both the company’s activities and the specifics of the building.The focus is the “Garant-Matrix”, a 6 x 14 metre multimedia display combining a poster wall, shelves and a screen which is positioned centrally in the foyer of the building.

headquarters Garant-Matrix
multimedia display
multimedia display
graphical presentation of the production process
samples of raw materials
model of the Garant-Matrix building
Description of the Garant-Matrix building

headquarters Garant-Matrix


Garant Tiernahrung GmbH  




Pöchlarn, Lower Austria


Liquid Frontiers

Visual Design



Madame Mohr

Architecture of the Building

propeller z Architects

Façade Design

Peter Sandbichler


Herta Hurnaus

The scale and the construction of this specially conceived information carrier makes it possible to present broad themes while looking more deeply into specific topics. Visitors can, for example, take hold of small transparent bags containing samples of raw materials and use touchscreens to find out about their key characteristics while using other screens to simultaneously follow their constantly changing price on international markets. While the “Garant-Matrix” sheds light on the dynamic interdependence of the world of Garant and the world in which the company operates, an equally specially produced model of the Garant headquarters sheds light on the special sustainable approach to the building’s construction. This information is complemented by a further display at first floor level which explains the background to the artistic design of the façade as well as by the building’s signage.


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