Liquid Frontiers

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Marke Österreich
Julia Krauth
Imprint and impression

The fingerprint is the very embodiment of identity and uniqueness. The question of the identity of a nation is not only a national but also a global subject. Hence, the graphic design of Brand Austria casts light upon the issue of the identity of each individual interpreter. A Shangri-la under a flood of migrants, a centre for the present, a scar from the past...? And the irony of the interaction is the fact that, upon being stuck down, the stamp leaves a full-size thumb-print of the user.

Walter Bohatsch (*1949) & Julia Krauth (*1977)

For the Vienna team of Bohatsch and Partner, visual design is about developing methods rather than personal interpretations. And the office which was established by Walter Bohatsch in 1983 has indeed set high standards both for the results of its work and for the intensity of its argumentative process. Bohatsch and his three partners – who include Julia Krauth – embody a rationalist approach to design aimed at finding the most precise visual counterpart to any particular content and are undogmatic in that they use an open, experimental methodology to pursue this ideal. In 2007 the multiple prize-winning designers presented a book of their own work entitled “Continuously” which highlighted the distinctive role of the relationship between continuity and variation. This relationship is also central to the “visual profiles” of such cultural and commercial organisations as the Austrian National Bank, MAK and the Arlberg skiing region, which are designed as dynamic visual systems whose aim is to help these organisations develop their own precise, living identity.