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Marke Österreich
Maurizio Poletto
Materials are culture

Materials are culture The development of a visual symbol which is intended to represent the identity of a nation is a complex reductivist exercise. The identity of a nation is strictly bound up with its material experience and that which we intend to create in this process of identifying “Brand Austria” is poetry: visual poetry. The decision to use timber as a material for representing Austrian identity is the visual result of a conceptual process. Our concept involves the integration into each stamp of a microscopic capsule containing the aroma of the type of timber which it portrays. Positioned almost directly above the printed motif, this capsule would be activated upon being lightly rubbed. Ideally, the proposed stamp should be one of a series of nine stamps (one for each state) featuring nine different timbers. This would highlight the regional characteristics of materials without losing sight of the central shared identity.

Maurizio Poletto (*1973)

The Italian designer Maurizio Poletto has been living in Vienna since 1996 when he started his work in the city in a leading role with the multimedia pioneers “Nofrontiere”. The establishment of “Collettiva Design” as a branding and corporate design agency in 2003 marked a change of direction and, in particular, an engaged return to the area of printing. Poletto is an extremely versatile and manually dexterous designer who enjoys experimenting as a means of exhausting the possibilities of varying media and materials.

The focus of Poletto’s work, however, is the design not of products but of processes whose output can be intelligently used by consumers. As a specialist in brand development, Poletto acts simultaneously as both a dialogue partner and a strategist who, as well as being occupied with the appearance of an organization is, principally, occupied with its behaviour. The challenging nature of such tasks is exemplified by the development of a new visual identity for the “Erste Bank Group”, which is active in a range of sectors, nations and cultures - as a result of which it is as rich in ideas as it complex. Alongside such major contracts, Collettiva also works on smaller projects, ideally with musicians, such as the current production of the CD “American Primitive” by the Band L/O/N/G, for which Poletto also produced the artwork.