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Marke Österreich
grafisches Büro

Amongst the diverse work which seeks to establish an Austrian identity we are particularly interested in that which is driven by an unconditional avant-gardism and radicalism. Such an approach is, in our opinion, only possible when confronted with a “typical” context and is condemned to be received with widespread incomprehension and rejection. By referring to Adolf Loos’ building on the Michaelerplatz – the “building without eyebrows” – these stamps are intended as a small-scale experimental version of a cultural object: A radical reduction, a banality and, ideally, a provocation.

Günter Eder (*1968), Roman Breier (*1971),
Marcel Neundörfer (*1974)

Lettering is the focus of the many activities of the “grafisches Büro” which was established by Günter Eder and Roman Breier in 2001. The reason for the establishment of the office was symptomatic, namely the graphic design of the catalogue of the “postscript” exhibition in Vienna’s Künstlerhaus, the first exhibition in Austria to seriously address the role of lettering in the digital age. Strengthened since 2006 by Marcel Neundörfer, “Grafisches Büro” develops identities for both cultural and commercial clients – because this means more stimulation than conflict. One central feature is a tendency towards radical reduction as a means of distilling out and then visually strengthening the most essential content. In such a context, lettering is not only a semantic sign but also a counterweight to suggestive images and even becomes an image in itself, as a result of which it gains an ever more emotional dimension. The effectiveness with which grafisches Büro manages the balance between information and atmosphere, typography and photography can be seen in its work for Caritas, the initiative “Hunger auf Kunst und Kultur” and the “Theater Nestroyhof Hamakom”, as well as the catalogue for the “Interio” furniture store, all of which are currently being produced by the office.