Liquid Frontiers

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2500 years of salt mining
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In the course of the repositioning of the Bad Dürrnberg site, the authentic mining experience in the salt mine was expanded into a contemporary and service-oriented tourism destination. 



For: Salzwelten GmbH
Date: 2020 - 2021
Concept and production: Liquid Frontiers
Architecture: the next ENTERprise architects
Grafic design und display: Vandasye
Objects: Maîtres des Bois Designstudio
Illustration: Vinz Schwarzbauer
Media produktion: Artfabrik
Photos: Stefan Olah, Lukas Schaller, Vandasye

Celtic miners were mining salt on the Dürrnberg near Hallein as early as 500 BC. The legendary salt mine is the oldest show mine in the world and, with 220,000 visitors per year, is one of the most popular destinations in the Salzburg area. While the commission initially only considered the new staging of the mine tour, the client decided in the course of the dialogue process to adapt the entire area, including all underground and surface areas. This made it possible to develop a holistic choreography of the visitor experience from arrival to departure, which can be individually performed depending on the preferences of the target group.

The one-hour guided tour is embedded in a wide range of activities. It includes an exhibition in the visitor center, a tour through the historical reconstruction of a Celtic village with spectacular views of the surrounding area, a visit to a salt manufactory and consumer offers in the newly designed bistro and in the expanded shop. The flexible linking of program items makes it possible to optimally manage seasonal differences in visitor frequency.

In order to improve the flow of visitors, some of the existing buildings were adapted for new uses or functionally expanded with selective additions. The former magazine building, which has been converted into a modern visitor center, offers sufficient space for ticket sales, information, exhibition and standard services such as restrooms and cloakrooms. Architectural implants integrated into the existing building, such as a terminal, a covered plaza, a cinema room and a bridge shop, connect the individual buildings to form a coherent overall ensemble.

In conjunction with the location branding and the consistent orientation system, the striking design language of the extensions ensures a clear identity for the area. Digital features such as an audio guide in 15 languages, an AR treasure hunt or online tickets can be accessed conveniently using the Salzwelten App on your own smartphone.


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