Liquid Frontiers

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2500 years of salt mining
Mine Tour

The highlight of the visitor experience is the hour-long guided tour of the salt mines.



The tour starts as a cinematic journey in the cinema room and, after putting on the protective clothing in the cloakroom, develops into a hands-on expedition through four historical epochs of salt mining on the Dürrnberg. Under the motto „Essence of Life", visitors get informed about the economic and cultural importance of salt mining.

Sculptural stagings in the show chambers complement the authentic mining experience. The focus is on conveying the types of salt to the senses as well as entertaining locomotion in the tunnel network by means of a mine train, miners' slides and a float across the salt lake. In addition, oversized projections provide insights into salt production from the present day back to the Iron Age. Selective text information on illuminated displays ensures that all objects are clearly marked.

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