Liquid Frontiers

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Contemporary Austrian art in the Vienna Office of Accenture

The Artstripe series provides the global consulting company Accenture with a highly visible, large-format showcase for the innovativeness of both contemporary Austrian art and the company itself.




Accenture Austria


since 2000 


Wiener Börsegebäude, Dachgeschoß

Idea und Concept

Liquid Frontiers,Vienna


Christian Wachter, Wien

Leonhard Hilzensauer

Gianmaria Gava

Artstripe is a display space in the central working space of the office measuring 2.5 metres in height and almost 40 metres in length which is occupied each year by a new artistic work specially commissioned for this location, format and context. Artists are selected in a two-phase process in which the Accenture’s employees are heavily involved. The focus on selecting younger artists who can be relied upon to produce particularly innovative works is fully in keeping with the philosophy of the company.


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