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Artstripe no. 17 (2018)
The Sketch Wall

Artstripe no.17 as a visual lesson in alternative thinking and other paradoxes



Artstripe no. 17 as a giant notepad in the form of a poster wall or wall-mounted newspaper on which the artist sketches his thoughts on the relationship between present and future, man and machine and the analogue and digital world as well as the Artstripe exhibition space and the working space of Accenture’s Vienna office. With their varied subjects and motifs the individual drawings are a dynamic expression of the “out of the box thinking” to which the Artstripe art initiative has been committed since the very start.

Aldo Giannotti (1977)

Aldo Giannotti was born in Genoa. He studied painting, video and photography at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Carrara, the Academy of Fine Arts Wimbledon and the Academy of Fine Arts Munich and has lived and worked in Vienna since 2000.
With his sharp pencil, even sharper powers of observation and biting wit Aldo Giannotti analyses social and cultural relationships and gets to the heart (or the line) of the underlying mechanisms, hierarchies and stereotypes. Often accompanied by short texts, his drawings present visual aphorisms and concise operating instructions which make fun of both the external and self-imposed parameters governing human actions as a means of highlighting their relativity.

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