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Bespoke Future
Future strategy for a traditional company

Rebranding and brand education

Eva Kees 2016
Eva Kees 2016



Seliger Möbelwerkstätten


2013 - 2015




grafisches Büro und Liquid Frontiers

Art direction:

grafisches Büro

Interior Design:

Gregor Eichinger

Software Art:


Architecture of the building:

Herbert Panek

The long-established Viennese furniture maker Seliger possesses not only a level of know-how about traditional craft techniques that is rarely to be found today but also a workshop which is capable of meeting the most unusual special requests.
The traditional family-owned company used these special features as the basis for the development of a future strategy characterized at every turn by the term “bespoke” and the quality that the term conveys.

The individual measures include not only the visual communication and the interior design of the building but also the launch of a special edition of furniture and fittings in cooperation with Austrian architects and designers and the enlivening of the spaces with the help of contemporary art in the form of temporary exhibitions. A particular attraction is provided by the “Continental Bar” by the Austrian architect and designer Gregor Eichinger, the appearance of which gradually changes as the day progresses towards late evening and which also offers guests the right drink every hour.

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