Liquid Frontiers

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Growing the City Farm
“7000 Eichen” revisited

A hybrid combination of raised bed and city furniture, open plant shelf and info point as a relay station between urban agriculture and active neighbourliness, scientific research and civic engagement, whose objective is to boost biodiversity, supply security, climate protection and community spirit in a time of multiple crises.



For: The Vienna Business Agency in cooperation with the Vienna Design Week 2023

Date: 2023

Idea and concept: Liquid Frontiers & Vandasye

Project partner, scientific support and planting concept: City Farm Augarten

Design: Vandasye, Vienna

Photos: Peter Garmusch, Vandasye

The platform that was developed in dialogue with the City Farm Augarten, Austria’s leading competence center for gardening education and research-based vegetable growing, offers the participants in its many workshops the infrastructure that they need in order to be able to establish “offshoots” in courtyards or even on wasteland in other neighbourhoods across the city and to manage these together with other residents.

In order to achieve all this, the platform is fundamentally mobile and flexibly configurable and has room for not only raised beds and pots but also, as required, such equipment as a rainwater tub, a compost box and an insect hotel, as well as empty surfaces that can be used spontaneously. The invitation to get involved and the associated rules are communicated via texts and illustrations on signs and banners.

In parallel with this analogue solution, a digital platform is also
on offer in the form of a website on which anyone can register
if they are prepared to regularly care for the plants or if they want to document their activities or network with other gardeners.

Further modules from the system were arranged as an exhibition display in the courtyard of the Festival Headquarters in order to underline the huge potential of urban farming and active neighbourliness with the help of facts and figures and quotes from influential players in both areas. This is a potential that – with the help of this innovative piece of urban furniture and its numerous features – is particularly easy to transform into productive activity.

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