Liquid Frontiers

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Growing the City Farm
Carrier 2 – Grassroots 3.0

Its functional flexibility, modular system, clear design, highly interactive orientation and digital manageability are some of the obvious features that distinguish the prototype of a mini-farm in the city from other models. Designed for the public, its presence in public space offers a welcome opportunity to explore further potential through practical experimentation.



For: Klima Biennale Wien

Date: 2024

Idea and concept: Liquid Frontiers & Vandasye

Project partner, scientific support and planting concept: City Farm Augarten

Design: Vandasye, Vienna

Photos: Vandasye

In keeping with the guiding principle of the Klima Biennale Wien that the many current challenges can only be tackled collectively, the carrier was expanded to include additional seating and was also stocked with particularly intensely fragrant varieties, because the necessary transformations will only succeed if they are not perceived solely as a burden and restriction.

The planting also includes numerous rare herbs with special aromas, which are therefore also appreciated by the neighboring, culinary ambitious “Klima Kantine” and are picked in exchange for regular watering and used to refine their dishes.

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