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Helle Not
the dark side of light

The earth has been getting steadily brighter ever since the discovery of electric light around 150 years ago. The rapidly intensifying brightening of the night sky makes it harder to watch the stars while also influencing human health and ecological equilibrium.




Tiroler Umweltanwaltschaft

Concept and design:

Liquid Frontiers in Zusammenarbeit mit Vandasye


Margreiter Möbelwerkstätten

Video editing and montage: 

Dietmar Ebenhofer


Günter Richard Wett

Liquid Frontiers worked with vandasye to develop a mobile travelling exhibition on the subject of light pollution commissioned by the Tyrolean Environmental Ombudsman. The exterior of the walk-in pavilion employs eight different thematic approaches as a means of making visitors aware of the causes and effects of this light pollution. In contrast with this magazine-like presentation the video that is projected inside the dark spiral features an eight-minute sample that sets out the chronology of the problem of waste light.

In order to draw attention to the presence of the exhibition in the various locations a special satellite was developed in cooperation with the company Bartenbach. The warm white light source which illuminates the display is powered by a solar module as a result of which it can be set up anywhere in the city.

The exhibition has been touring the province since it was first presented in March 2017 and has already been seen in many Tyrolean municipalities. The tour will be continued further more:

30.03.-19.04.17 Gemeindeamt Inzing
21.04.-10.05.17 Zillertal Messe, Mayrhofen
12.05.-05.06.17 Tux-Center, Tux
07.06.-26.06.17 Jakobskreuz, St. Ulrich a. P.
27.06.-03.08.17 Naturparkhaus Kaunergrat, Fließ
04.08.-13.09.17 Kultur- und Naturzentrum, Tannheim
14.09.-03.10.17 FeuerWerk Binderholz GmbH, Fügen
04.10.-23.10.17 Naturparkschule Ötztal, Längenfeld
25.10-15.11.17 Landhaus 2, Innsbruck
17.11.-06.12.17 Gemeindeamt Mils, 11
08.12.17-14.01.18 Veranstaltungszentrum, Jenbach
16.01.-13.02.18 Wallfahrtskloster Maria Waldrast, Mühlbachl
15.02.-13.03.18 Historische Sternwarte Universität Innsbruck
15.03.-08.04.18 Gemeindezentrum Vals
10.04.-05.05.18 City-Center Wörgl


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