Liquid Frontiers

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Liquid Frontiers.

"There are no two phenomena in the world that could be separated by a line. That has always been a bad and artificial division. Phenomena cannot be divided in this way. Nor can they be organized along straight lines. Phenomena overlap, they occur in sections. [...] Let's hope that the idea of drawing boundaries everywhere will be blurred: this is a man, this is a woman, this is Germany, and this is France. There are no whites, no blacks, no pure cultures and no pure disciplines. Any systematic thinking is a false thinking, any system is a rape. Reality is confused, and that makes it interesting."

(Vilém Flusser, "Dialogues Between Two," 1996)

„Innovation requires decentralisation and a frontier.“

(Naval Ravikant, 2022) 

"The border connects by separating."

(Bernhard Waldenfels, "The Sting of the Stranger," 1990)

"I have never understood the vexed-picture connection between solidity and fluidity as a dichotomy, and I still do not; rather, I regard the two states as a pair indissolubly linked in a dialectical relationship."

(Zygmunt Bauman, "This is not a diary," Cambridge 2012)

"Draw a distinction, and a universe comes into being."

(George Spencer-Brown, "Laws of Form," 1969) 

"The dichotomies of mind and body, animal and human, organism and machine, public and private, nature and culture, men and women, primitive and civilized have long been ideologically eroded" ( ...) The boundary line that runs between tool and myth, instrument and concept, historical systems of social relations, and historical anatomies of possible bodies, the objects of knowledge included, is permeable."

(Dona Haraway, "A Manifesto for Cyborgs," dt. 1995)

"The world is a bridge. Walk across it, but do not settle on it."

(Hans Blumenberg: "Paradigms toward a Metaphorology," 1998)

"One can say the term 'play' is a term with blurred edges."

(Ludwig Wittgenstein: "Philosophical Investigations"

op. post(h). 1953)

"If there is a force that drives culture, it can only be that of mixing: combining everything with everything else. Not allowing anything purebred."

(Laurids Ortner, O&O Baukunst)