Liquid Frontiers

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Artstripes no. 1 to no. 10

Retrospective in print

Constanze Schweiger
Kunstinsert Oliver Kartak
Folder mit Inlays
Folder mit Inlays

Constanze Schweiger


Accenture GmbH, Österreich

Date of publication:

January 2011

Print run:


Conception and texts:

Liquid Frontiers

Design and graphic design:



Raimo Rudi Rumpler

The realization of Artstripe no. 10 was marked by the production of a documentation – despite the challenges arising from the fact that both the format and temporary character of the project make it very difficult to document in a conventional way.
The solution, for this “art collection”, was to choose and then reproduce a single excerpt from each of the Artstripes produced to date in a unique poster-sized format.
 The short texts, in-situ images and short biographies in the catalogue distributed with the posters provide a context which enables the viewer to not only gain an overview of the works but also to understand the intentions of their designers.
This “art collection” can be used in a number of ways: the bound package is a collector’s item suitable for archives and “real” collections whereas the individual images can be simply hung and appreciated as posters – on walls or elsewhere. And, finally, the works can also be used as wrapping paper - chosen to lend a present that certain, personal extra something.

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