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Marke Österreich
20 postage stamps as visiting cards for the nation

“Brand Austria” is an ideas competition which involved the publication in the print media of contributions from twenty invited Austrian and Austria-based visual designers.




Die Presse und Österreichische Post AG


1th Mai – 11th September 2011


Die Presse am Sonntag

Print run: 



Marke Österreich

The project plays with the recently often discussed notion of „ Austria as brand“ and combines the question of Austrian identity and its contemporary representation with the task of designing new postage stamps for the nation. The ambiguous nature of the task was enhanced by the fact that the German words for brand and postage stamp are one and the same (Marke).
The results were published weekly in the Freiraum (Free Space) section of the Sunday edition of the Austrian daily newspaper “Die Presse” between 1st May and 11th September 2011. A jury then selected a winning stamp which was rewarded with a € 5,000 prize and realized as part of the special stamp programme of the Austrian Post Office.


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