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Miba Panorama

Miba is one of the leading strategic partners of the international motor and vehicle industry. At the Miba Forum, which was designed by the architectural office DMAA and is located at the company’s Laakirchen base, Liquid Frontiers developed a functional exhibition concept that takes the form of a circuit, in keeping with Miba’s corporate motto “Innovation in Motion”.

Photo: Daniel Hawelka
Photo: Daniel Hawelka

Photo: Daniel Hawelka


Miba AG



Conception and production: 

Liquid Frontiers

Exhibition design: 



Regina Leibetseder-Löw



The Miba headquarters in Laakirchen is both the home and the communications centre of the global group. In order to offer a comprehensive image of Miba and its various focuses to the clients, employees and partners who are welcomed here from all around the world, Liquid Frontiers was commissioned to develop an exhibition concept that can grow and be continuously updated in step with the company.

A series of thematic stations transform the foyer, which encloses an atrium, into a panoramic introduction to the family company that is now in its third generation.

Amongst other things, a gallery of photographs presents the historical milestones in the development of the company since its establishment in 1927, all of which can be individually accessed and explored in greater detail with the help of a large-format touchscreen that is organised along a time axis.

In order to present the highly-specialised metal components that Miba manufactures on three continents and distributes globally, a display was developed that focusses on the great precision of these components and explains where each is used.

Two years after its opening, the panorama has been enhanced with the addition of a new area dedicated to the social and cultural engagement of Miba.

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