Liquid Frontiers

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Nature on Stage
Informationpoints for the nature park „Ötztal“

A decentralized exhibition instructing to directly experience the surrounding landscape.




Naturpark Ötztal


2012 - 2015

Exhibition concept:

Liquid Frontiers


LAAC Architects

Visual Design:



Wolfgang Pusch

Nature Photography:

Peter Stöckl

Laser installation:

LDDE, Vienna


Günter Richard Wett

Covering a total of 510 km2 - including 95 km2 of glacier - the protected area in Tyrol’s Ötztal forms one of Austria’s largest nature parks.

Developed in cooperation with LAAC Architekten, the exhibition concept for the design of the five visitors’ stations which it is planned to create in the Ötztal Nature Park was named as the winner of an invited competition. Given the programmatic title “Nature on Stage”, the chosen approach emphasizes the contrast between natural occurrence and human intervention while proposing a trajectory which is inspired by High Alpine nature while recognizing the fundamentally artificial character of this landscape and making it easier to experience its extremes.


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