Liquid Frontiers

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Österreichisches Bundeskanzleramt

Published by:

Elke Delugan-Meissl,
Commissioner of the
Austrian Pavillon

Sabine Dreher and Christian Muhr / Liquid Frontiers,

Conception and editing:

Liquid Frontiers


Kimberly Bradley
Anton Falkeis
Martina Frühwirth
Gabriele Kaiser
Nina Valerie Kolowratnik
Elke Krasny
Lutz Musner
Katharina Müller
Johannes Pointl
Elke Rauth
Katja Schechtner
Anna Soucek

Interview partners:

Erwin K. Bauer
Margot Deerenberg
Konrad Duelli
Peter Fattinger
Alexander Hagner
Gabu Heindl
Clemens Foschi
Philipp Furtenbach
Christian Knapp
Christoph Lammerhuber
Jonathan Lutter
Markus Reiter
Herwig Spiegl
Monika Platzer
Andreas Postner
Barbara Poberschnigg
Klaus Schwertner


Rupert Hebblethwaite

Print run:



Paul Kranzler

Visual concept and graphic design:

graphisches Büro

The customary catalogue was replaced by a newspaper which offered additional and more detailed information about the three interventions together with supplementary reports and broader essays on subjects such as migration, temporary use and urban development in three sections with a total of 48 pages.
In addition to this, 14 further inspiring projects in the same field, which have already been realized or are underway in Austria, were collected together and presented under the title “More Places for People”. The publication was completed by a supplement in the form of a magazine containing the entire photographic essay about “Places for People” by the Austrian photographer Paul Kranzler.

This publication formed a central link between the three locations in Vienna and the presentation in Venice, the exhibition venue and the media space opened up by the newspaper.

Published in English, the newspaper could be read in the Austrian Pavilion where copies were also available free of charge. The content can also be downloaded in English and Germany from the website

About nine months after the opening of the Architecture Biennale a second edition of the newspaper entitled “Places for People revisited” was published as a self-critical review of the results of the three interventions.

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