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P2 - Urban hybrid
P2 - Urban hybrid with city library

The structure developed by the LAAC architects combines public and private functions in a multi-layered building complex. For the Stadtbibliothek Innsbruck which is centrally integrated in the base zone Liquid Frontiers have developed an equally multifunctional visual communication.



Location: Innsbruck
Date: 2018
Client: Stadtbibliothek Innsbruck
Concept and Design: Liquid Frontiers in cooperation with Vandasye
Architecture: LAAC
Architecture photos: Marc Lins

In the development of the library concept, the team based itself on outstanding international examples and turned the core task of the facility into an integrative platform for different target groups. By combining a wide variety of uses in the form of learning and reading areas, children's library, reading café, event room, promotional gallery and rooms for a city model the institution expanded its focus essentially.

For the Stadtbibliothek Innsbruck a distinctive corporate identity was developed in order to ensure a differentiated but simple communication of its diverse program. The design manual allows the team to communicate content flexibly via analog and digital channels. In addition to a clear orientation system that supports the route from the outside to the inside, the design of printed matter, screens, library cards, bags, T-shirts and appearances in social media channels, all communication requirements were implemented.

In order to increase the originally low acceptance of the population for the relocation of the library space from the city center to a neighboring district, Liquid Frontiers designed a “book move”, which in autumn 2017 generated great media interest with lively participation of the population. In addition, in the first few months after the opening, floor markings ensured that interested passengers became aware of the new location.

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