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Stealing Eyeballs
Designing Media

An exhibition about media-design in different media




Künstlerhaus Vienna


20th April - 20th May 2001


Künstlerhaus Vienna


Liquid Frontiers

Organisation k/haus:

Doris Rothauer, Soenke Gau, Thorsten Philipp

Projekt Coach:

Jürgen Sturany

Exhibition Architecture:

propeller z Architekten

Graphic Design:

Lichtwitz-Büro für visuelle Kommunikation

Exhibition Website:

Boris Kopeinig, Christina Goestl


Christian Wachter


Lichtwitz-Büro für visuelle Kommunikation

Stealing Eyeballs presents ten international positions in the field of media design, chosen to represent the wide range of styles, methods, ways of working and fields of activity covered by the genre. Sophisticated works from such areas as the web and broadcast design, motion graphics, film titles, animation, online games, print design, illustration and typographic film are shown as both central works and as a representative cross-section of the oeuvre of the chosen designers.
In addition to this, the protagonists report upon the creative process behind the displayed works and upon the key aspects of their approach in the form of multimedia performances in the multifunctional surroundings of the exhibition which were specifically developed in response to the complex demands of the project.
While addressing the international position of media design, Stealing Eyeballs also examines the scene in Austria. Two “Designers’ Sundays” offer an insight into the work of ten selected Vienna-based media designers.

Completed through interventions in both public spaces and the media space of an Austrian daily newspaper the project fulfills its promise of stealing hundred thousands of glances.


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