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Stealing Eyeballs
Alexei Tylevich
Los Angeles

Despite his youth, the 30-year-old Alexei Tylevich can already point to an unusual curriculum vitae which underlines his enormous productivity and versatility in the design field. Alongside font, print and packaging design he also works on the development of high-end computer animation and new broadcasting formats for the internet but the focus of his activities are such time-based media as TV and Film. Tylevich is now quite at home working closely with such media in the highly commercialised climate of Los Angeles. However, as an immigrant from Belarus, he originally found the city quite alien and, perhaps for precisely this reason, he has always been able to retain a sense of distance.



Tylevich’s designs are, on the one hand, synthetic, blurring and overlaying visual sources and heterogeneous motifs and, on the other hand, analytical in their propositions. And despite working intensively for the mass media, he continues to use his weapons as a designer - his precise, subversive and sinister combinations of images and texts - to challenge the apparently smooth surface of conformist media content.

In addition to such numerous prominent commissions as the design of the trailers for the James Bond Film “Tomorrow Never Dies” (1997) and of strongly graphic advertising clips, the passionate freelancer established his own design and production company Logan as a means of retaining full control over the balance between individual and commercial work.