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Stealing Eyeballs
Imaginary Forces
Los Angeles

Established in 1996, Imaginary Forces is active in all areas of media design. The speciality, however, of the 80-strong, Hollywood-based, interdisciplinary team is the design of film titles.



Although Imaginary Forces may have a recognisable preference for dark, drastic and dramatic work, it would be wrong to suggest that the studio has a consistent style. Its design vocabulary ranges from hand scribbles and more traditionally illustrative drawings to dramatically kinetic typographical work in which characters are abstracted to the point of decomposition.
And rather than simply demonstrating a growing capacity to create special effects, it is the narrative dimension of the genre of the “film title” which is the focus of Imaginary Forces’ substantial body of work.

Rather than merely being part of the team involved in the production of a film from its very outset, designers such as Imaginary Forces are directors of complex stories told in text and image. It is thus perhaps no surprise that such work has not only led to a veritable renaissance of the “film title” genre but also influenced the entire multimedia sector.

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