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Stealing Eyeballs
Marius Watz
Oslo / Berlin

“If it looks good, it is good” is the motto of the multimedia designer and media artist Marius Watz whose 3-D graphics and animations - which almost appear to have a life of their own - often possess the organic or even vegetable quality of appearing to portray their own processes of development and constant change. The works of the self-taught programmer are fascinating, due to not only their dramatic visual appearance but also their often open and interactive structure which allows the observer to become a designer empowered to manipulate given elements in unforeseen ways.



Watz belongs to that group of programmers who, by regarding the development of codes as an art form, demonstrate both a high level of creative ability and also a critical awareness of the opportunities and limitations of the media. The internet and software technology are, for Watz, essential areas of experimentation, as a result of which he is a passionate defender of the freedom to access both areas.

Marius Watz