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Stealing Eyeballs

Reala is a design company established by Samuel Nyholm and Jonas Williamson in 1998 while they were students at the famous Kunstfack in Stockholm. The name itself is a reference to The Real Art (& Poetry), the art and literature magazine which Nyholm and Williamson have been publishing since 1995. While active in all areas of media design, Reala - which is particularly inspired by art and literature - has come to specialise in the areas of illustration and animation, using these in both commercial assignments and individual works.



Reala creates highly original graphic families consisting of drawn figures, self-developed fonts, grotesque icons and bizarre pictogrammes, which are often mutated via the variation of their sizes, ages, genders and physiognomies. The designers’ standard approach to an assignment is to develop a specific graphic system and a vocabulary of images and characters and then to allow these to run riot. The result is a series of cartoonesque and occasionally perfidiously childish visual worlds which, while keeping a very conscious distance from the Scandinavian design tradition, appear to owe equally little to other references or models.

The computer plays an unusually secondary role in the production of Reala’s work. The starting point consists of hand drawings and scribbles which are then recreated digitally.