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Stealing Eyeballs
Richard Fenwick
United Kingdom

As both a graphic designer and a director of typographic films Richard Fenwick is an exemplary reflection of a current paradigm change. His identical approach to the processes of digital and film montage is symptomatic of a homogenous attitude to graphic and cinematic art.



In many of his short films and clips, graphic elements become a system of coordinates which permit us to focus on the cinematic images behind them. His ten-minute debut film “States” (1998) shows cinematic movements through public space which are constructed and then commentated upon with the use of simple orthogonal grids. The analogies between the chosen graphic geometries and the format of the monitor are both clear and highly intentional.

Fenwick formulates his thoroughly critical investigations with humour and spontaneity, putting his trust in the suggestive power of a scientific, technoid world of images. Alongside his independent work he has also developed something of a reputation as a director of video clips, without appearing to compromise in any way his detached and analytical perspective.

Richard Fenwick