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Stealing Eyeballs

Established in 1992, the London design group Spin never tires of conquering new design fields. The team of 25 employees – which even includes a chef - appears to remain active in virtually every field of contemporary design without ever giving the impression of losing its way. Spin consistently articulates a reflective and occasionally subversive attitude which can sometimes involve intelligently failing to meet a client’s expectations as a necessary prelude to replacing these expectations with a much more radical solution.



Spin has a very strong social conscience which it seeks to express through the combination of contemporary methods and refined tactics exemplified by the mixture of shock and humour which they employed in their campaign against drug abuse commissioned by the British health authorities.

The group’s clear and cool visual language seeks never to be trendy, even when employed on behalf of such fashion labels as Levis or Diesel, nor pretentious, as in the case of such highbrow clients as Christie’s or English Heritage. As generalists, Spin are also active in the areas of digital film and television. As a broadcast designer they are responsible, amongst other things, for the entire visual identity of the British culture channel Channel Four - a commission which gave their sophisticated design approach an unusually wide audience.