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Stealing Eyeballs
Stefan Sagmeister
New York

The assessment by the graphic design legend Tibor Kalman of his short-term employee, that Stefan Sagmeister is “less a designer than an inventor” refers less to Sagmeister’s unbelievably diverse and constantly amazing designs and more to his methods. Sagmeister addresses his assignments, materials and functions with an unparalleled meticulousness as a means of eliminating all secondary and conventional parameters and giving himself room to experiment, free from all preconceptions and routine. Since 1993 the Austrian has had his own studio in Manhattan, specialising in the design of graphics and packaging for the music industry.

agmeister’s work demands that the viewer or user is an active participant with the time and curiosity to investigate the wealth of ideas with which the designer has given his subject - and in particular the music - a visual identity. Using not only dramatic visual effects - from dazzling opulence to total darkness - he also works with tactile, mechanical qualities by making very deliberate use of the three-dimensional potential of books and CD covers as a means of creating small but complex “machines for communication” (Ellen Shapiro).

Stefan Sagmeister