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Stealing Eyeballs

This site created by the developer Jürg Lehni and the designers Rafael Koch and Urs Lehni offers up to ten users the opportunity to work together and create an image with the help of an ingenious vector graphic tool.



Ready-made images inspired by comics, advertising graphics and US pop culture can be “dragged and dropped” onto a so-called “playground” and altered in terms of size, location and colour. A Vectorama object can be modified simultaneously and in real time on this digital drawing board by a number of players from anywhere in the web. More than just a snapshot with a status quo, however, a Vectorama image has a history which is stored and can be accessed by anyone.

Cooperation, communication and creativity are central to the work of Vectorama - even if the results can appear chaotic as soon as more than two players are involved. And it is the ability of users to cooperate that is at stake. This social component means that Vectorama is both some sort of a mirror of the internet and a prototype for future forms of location-independent digital cooperation.



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