Liquid Frontiers

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A killer application for saving lives

Text Pills combine tried and tested telephone technology with state-of-the-art creative thinking in order to create a simple, practical instrument for communication with clear social benefits.

Entwurf Alexei Tylevich
Entwurf Akinori Oishi

Entwurf Alexei Tylevich


Own initiative





Idea and concept:

Liquid Frontiers


Akinori Oishi    Alexei Tylevich

Business plan and technology development:

Dirk Fahrenbruch und Claudia Nawroth (Köln)

Text Pills are electronically delivered digital medication. Rather than using a patent recipe, this is a tailor-made medical service, the content, and design of which are tuned to the precise needs of each patient. The service has particular promise in the case of illnesses whose treatments require high regularity. The various memory-functions of Text Pills make it easier for such patients to avoid undesirable interruptions in their medication.
In order to develop this project to a fully implementable level of detail, existing technology was adapted and a detailed business model developed. The failure to roll out the idea results not from a lack of demand but rather from a lack of clarity regarding the legal parameters for such a service in Austria.


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