Liquid Frontiers

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Wertzeichen Europoa
Alexander Kellas & Nina Prehofer
Quo vadis?

It is said that the ability to be self-critical forms an essential part of the European identity. This was also repeated in the brief for the creation of a contemporary representation of an Austrian stamp for Europe.

But what happens when self-criticism is no longer possible because we are no longer sure who we really are? Are we today a united Europe of a variety of states or the United States of Europe?

Playing with this question, the design invites the observer to question hitherto accepted identifying features and address the issue of the future of Europe.

Alexander Kellas (*1970) & Nina Prehofer (*1984)

The creative director duo Alexander Kellas (born 1970) and Nina Prehofer (born 1984) have been working together on brand and communications strategies since 2011. In his career to date Alexander Kellas has already designed over two-hundred trademarks, including the signet of the legendary gastronome Cipriani and hotel branding for the New York star hotelier André Balasz. Kellas has spent the last thirteen years in New York where he has gained a reputation in the branding of real estate. He is recognised as a pioneer in the field of modern “Real Estate Branding” and yet his portfolio also includes work in the field of art and culture. Since joining up with Prehofer, Kellas has increased his activities in Europe, as exemplified by his work for the highly regarded Hotel Topazz in Vienna, for which he and Prehofer developed the brand communication. Nina Prehofer is active as an expert in the areas of design, text and corporate publishing and her work establishes an optimal contentual relationship with the memorable designs of Kellas. The two Graz designers run a Think Tank for Architecture and Design in Berlin together with the renowned publisher Angelika Taschen.