Liquid Frontiers

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Wertzeichen Europoa
Gassner Redolfi
In Peace We Trust

However different the peoples and cultures of Europe may be it is the desire for peace and community which are in the forefront today.

The dove symbolises these elementary values. When one looks closer, the liberated cartographic figures of the countries of Europe become recognisable and, newly arranged, symbolise and render visible the larger whole.

PS: I am naturally delighted that the European Union was awarded the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize, a fact that gives my much earlier design an additional sense of actuality.

Andrea Redolfi (*1975)

Born in Vorarlberg in 1975, Andrea Redolfi has been a partner, since 2010, of the multiple international award-winning design office which was originally founded by her father, Reinhard Gassner, in 1976. Her formative work in Atelier Gassner and her studies at design schools in Switzerland and the Netherlands have given her the craft-based virtuosity and conceptual intelligence which enable her to take on a wide range of design commissions without losing her sense of the essential. The monograph about the architectural team of Marte.Marte designed by Redolfi is a hermetic, monochrome black building brick in the form of a book, which embodies the essence of the buildings while allowing their variety and differentiation to be fully expressed within. Her similarly challenging approach to the design of an installation in the Austrian Parliament was equally successful. For a presentation related to the “Year of the Forest”, Andrea Redolfi suspended a huge translucent net with photos of treetops below the luminous ceiling of the Colonnaded Hall, transforming the space into a forest clearing and the photographic image into constantly changing living scenery. This work – together with other from the Gassner-Redolfi studio – recently received a Joseph Binder Award.