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Bureau Weiss
Modern life is history

Modern Man in Europe is the result of a (continuing) debate about values and democracy. It is this that has shaped Europe for centuries. And this is part of every one of us. Thank you, Europe. That is what we love about you.

Catharina Winding (*1980) and Volkmar Weiss (*1975)

Founded in 2011, Bureau Weiss is a design studio that combines the design competence and eagerness to experiment of a small independent atelier with the know-how of a classic agency. This special position comes from a combination of the qualities of the two founders, the Austrian customer consultant and project manager Catharina Winding and the German designer Volkmar Weiss, together with their many years of experience in the advertising field. Also characteristic is the ability of the team to interpret ideas as memorable images and make their point visually without having to resort to an unambiguous reading. Quite the opposite in fact: for all its clarity, their design language, far from being dry, always containing sensual and atmospheric components and, thus, a powerful associative dimension. And it is precisely their subtle and yet offensive approach to photography which lends many of their works a quasi-filmlike visuality which is admired, not least, by many photographers. It is thus no surprise that Bureau Weiss is currently working on a magazine in newspaper format which is to regularly present the works of three young Austrian photographers under the title “Fjords on Paper”.