Liquid Frontiers

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Wertzeichen Europoa
WINNER Elvira Barriga
Diversity in unity

For me, Europe is, above all, vibrant diversity in a small space. Historically evolved, intermingled, rooted. Freedom, democracy, solidarity. Education and culture. Humanism as a basis or, at least, as an ideal worth pursuing.

Diversity in unity – the humanistic maxim as the contentual anchor of the composition. Historic and contemporary typographic modules combine with the colours of the national flags of Europe. The convoluted, dense arrangement takes conscious precedence over instant legibility. The design wants to aesthetically entice before being discovered and deciphered

The design needs time. Just like the project Europe.

Elvira Barriga (*1978),

The Spanish–Austrian designer Elvira Barriga, born 1978, represents an approach to design which is as dynamic as it is expansive. As a trained communications designer for interactive media she thinks heavily in terms of stories, scenes and sequences as a means of telling complex stories rich in high emotional effect with the use of compressed visual episodes. In this work she acts like a director, not only through her dramaturgically effective use of such design elements as pictorial typography, strong colour contrasts, powerful photographs and conclusive narrative but also through her method of working with a large team. After more than a decade working with leading German agencies including periods as a partner with blotto design, Berlin and freelance art director with Meiré and Meiré, Barriga has been the associate creative director responsible for leading the Brand Environment Team of Bruce Mau Design in Toronto since 2012. With its interdisciplinary approach and holistic understanding of design this globally influential and active studio offers ideal conditions for Elvira Barriga to realise such innovative large scale designs as her spatial orchestrations for brands such as GE and Unilever or her exhibition concept for the new National Jazz Museum in Harlem.