Liquid Frontiers

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Wertzeichen Europoa
Fabienne Feltus

This stamp uses the colours of the flags of Europe to create a closely knitted texture.

As the colours merge together into a large carpet it is no longer possible to see whether the area of red belongs to the Austrian or the Lithuanian flag. The colour spectrum causes borders to become hazy and individual elements break away to become part of a greater whole.

The abstract colourful pattern radiates positively and communicates the sense of a life without borders and of travelling freely across Europe. But at the same time the texture communicates the cultural variety and diversity of the continent without resorting to kitsch.

Fabienne Feltus (*1981)

Fabienne Feltus is a style-conscious designer without a uniform approach. Born in Luxembourg in 1981 but now based in Vienna she has, however, a highly personal visual form which is perfectly exemplified in the hand-drawn illustrations whose lines of various thicknesses and great variety are particularly characteristic of her work. Feltus also understands how to use such favoured design techniques as black-and-white drawing, vintage photography, collages and pictogrammes to tell often humorous stories. Examples of this range from the image cards which she developed for “Feinkoch, Vienna’s recipe market” to the graphic aphorisms which she employs serially to create a continuous and yet open visual identity as in the example of Vienna’s “Techno Café” club. Fashion, art and design from the 1960s to the 1990s are other important sources of inspiration for this passionate collector whose huge collection is a source of both design quotations and material for her "Lieblingsflohmarkt” (Flea Market of Favourites) which regularly appears in special locations across Vienna. It is no surprise that the retro-hip leaflets and fabric bags from these events have themselves already become collectors’ items.