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Wertzeichen Europoa
Franz Riebenbauer

Europe: that is us - 700 million people. Europe, that is what we see when we look in the mirror.

Europe is composed of each and every one of us. Each and every one of us can help to design Europe and add his or her own personal touch. This is what we want to remind Europeans. We want to encourage them to get involved by saying “You are Europe”, or, even better:

“You are one of 700 million reasons for loving Europe.”

Regarding the technical implementation: the stamp consists of Alufin mirror heating foil with a reflective printable area and black text. Everyone who looks at the stamp sees his or her own mirror image.

Franz Riebenbauer (* 1975)

The Austrian designer Franz Riebenbauer established Riebenbauer Design in 2003 on the basis of his many years of international experience. Unhindered by the administrative machinery of the traditional agency, the team, which has offices in Vienna and Berlin, is able to fully concentrate on the creative process as a result of which it can cover the entire communicative and creative spectrum, from brand development and classic graphic design and interior solutions to advertising campaigns. This approach has enabled Riebenbauer Design to create a modern face for such traditional Vienna art dealers as Giese & Schweiger or Galerie Ruberl by developing specially designed printed matter notable for its visual power and exquisite finish. For example, the creation of the cover of a catalogue of the work of Arnulf Rainer involved the artist not only inscribing the photographic plate himself but also accepting that the layout of the interior of the catalogue would necessitate the cropping of certain images - a process which could be seen as the graphic design equivalent of “overpainting”. Similarly intelligent synergies between art and design will also be found in the new public image for Vienna's Kunsthistorisches Museum which will be in use from January 2013.