Liquid Frontiers

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Wertzeichen Europoa
Lichtwitz Leinfellner visuelle Kultur KG
Communities form networks

Three different maps are printed on top of each other in three different colours: the first shows the European postal network in 1563, the second the entire railway network in 1943 and the third the layout of the GÉANT glass fibre high speed data network in 2012. Geographically divided communities create networks.

The more uniform the conditions at each point of the network, the easier it is for this network to develop. We love the European Union, because it works for the long-term harmonisation of conditions as much in the legal as in the economic and technological fields.

Despite its abstract impression, the design belongs to the traditional world of stamp design. Alongside natural treasures and architecture, stamps often feature technological milestones: the stamp as the mini-harbinger of progress.

Stefanie Lichtwitz (*1969) & Kriso Leinfellner (*1970)

As designers, graphic designer Stefanie Lichtwitz from Munich (born 1969) and industrial designer Kriso Leinfellner from Graz (born 1970) have a decidedly holistic approach. The focus of their cooperation, which began in 1998, is the development of modular graphic systems which use elementary rules to permit as wide a range of meaningful uses as possible. In implementing their ideas, Lichtwitz Leinfellner do not limit themselves to the classic spectrum of graphic design but are, on the contrary, perfectly positioned to expand into three dimensional space in the form of, for example, visual orientation systems or exhibition design, a field in which they create amongst other things, design displays and furniture. The elegant combination of intelligence and sensuality, rules and playfulness is a significant characteristic of their work, which stretches from the design of logos to the development of complex brand architecture for research establishments and museums. In this way, the universally oriented office is responsible for the corporate design of the Styrian universal museum, the Joanneum, which brings 23 different museums together under one umbrella brand – a fact that can now also be seen from the powerful modern brand presence.