Liquid Frontiers

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Wertzeichen Europoa
Perndl+Co Design/Gerhard Bauer
Don’t stick your tongue out ...

Finding itself in great difficulty as a result of the stupidity and greed of a small group of people, Europe has become lethargic and helpless. But instead of governing, politicians appear to have neither a plan nor any courage.

I feel betrayed and ask myself why I don’t express my anger. I am shocked by the silence of myself and others.
When will I be bold; what must happen before I open my mouth and stick out my tongue as the first signal of my dissatisfaction and displeasure?

70 cents of “foreign postage” convey cards and letters to all European countries. This is why the stamp should be “read” and understood without any word of explanation. 
The stamp is small and can tell no complicated stories. But it can irritate, provoke or encourage reflection. 

Or simply give pleasure in the form of a small tooth-edged graphic work or as a bold and cheeky greeting from Austria. 

Gerhard Bauer (*1964)

For the Upper Austrian graphic designer Gerhard Bauer, born 1964, design means entering a dialogue with a wide public. This gives visual communication the social relevance that he, alongside functionality, demands from his profession. Since 2001 he has been one of the three partners of Designstudio Perndl + Co. Amongst the clients of this multiple award-winning office are numerous important cultural institutions such as the MAK, the Schauspielhaus, Vienna Artweek and the Jewish Museum. Perndl + Co enjoy partnerships stretching back over many years with most of their clients. For a classic print designer with an extraordinary passion for collecting printed material, the collaboration with an institution such as the Vienna Library was particularly attractive: thanks to Bauer’s dynamic design of a series of publications, the scientific catalogues and books of the institution now reach a public beyond professional circles, a fact which allows the designer to meet an important social objective. Gerhard Bauer is currently working on exhibition designs for the Architekturzentrum Wien and Wien Museum.