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Wolfram Wiedner Studio

Freedom (of movement) in a space which crosses borders (of language)

Wolfram Wiedner (*1978)

Having studied law, trained as a graphic designer and taught himself computer programming, Wolfram Wiedner, born 1978, has run his eponymous studio in London since 2008. As well as designing visual identities and print media for clients from the cultural and creative sectors such as the British Council and the London Underground, the studio specialises in the development of websites. Conclusiveness - both logical and aesthetic – is a key feature of his work, as are the organisation of the contents, the choice of the design resources and the individual way in which each project is technologically implemented. The resulting websites are reduced to the bare essentials and yet, despite such clarity, are neither spartan nor perfunctory, demonstrating a flowing usability with almost film-like qualities. The special ability of the designer to distil the essence of a project from the wealth of available data and contents is appreciated by such well-known and prolific London colleagues as “FUEL” and “Graphic Thought Facility”, whose easily accessible and optically powerful websites were also designed by Wolfram Wiedner.