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Liquid Frontiers
Think-and-do-tank, design studio and production agency with a strong cultural background and its headquarters in Vienna

Selected projects

Places for People: Austria’s Contribution to the 15th Architecture Biennale in Venice, 2016
Proof of an external world: Art in architecture
Garant-Matrix: Cosmos of a Company
Nature on Stage: Informationpoints for the nature park „Ötztal“
Wertzeichen Europoa: 20 reasons for loving Europe
The Special Library: Social Sculpture
Porsche-Museum: Architecture in book form
Artstripe: Contemporary Austrian art in the Vienna Office of Accenture
Stealing Eyeballs: Designing Media


Zoom & 360°

11 December 2017

Zoom & 360°

The first issue of the new architecture-publication from and about Delugan Meissl Associated Architects „ZOOM“ has been published.

ZOOM & 360°

The Vienna architectural office Delugan Meissl Associated Architects realises cultural, residential, office and private buildings in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, the USA, South Korea and China. In order to inform its international clients and a wider audience about ongoing projects and the specific approach of the office a publication has been developed in the form of a newspaper with a magazine supplement which is much more than a simple portfolio: in a series of long interviews covering 24 pages not only DMAA but also fellow professionals, colleagues and clients provide information about what defines and drives this architectural office. This first edition of ZOOM is rounded off by the magazine 360°
which presents the team’s important projects in the form of 22 pages full of large-format photos.

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21 September 2017


Three years after completion of DC Tower 1 in Donau City a monograph of the currently tallest building in Vienna has been published by DISTANZ Verlag.

With the DC Tower 1, the French architect Dominique Perrault has created a new landmark for Vienna. Austrian artist Markus Krottendorfer has captured its elegant, versatile appearance and the highly complex technological inner life in a photographic essay, highlighting the many exceptional facets of the building. The history of the origins and vision of this project, which has also been important in terms of urban development, are at the center of two discussions lead by Austrian architect journalist Christian Kuhn with Dominique Perrault and real estate developer Thomas Jakoubek.

View Dominique Perrault

Artstripe no. 16 (2017)

18 January 2017

Artstripe no. 16 (2017)

The New Year has begun with a new Artstripe! The Austrian photographer and filmmaker Timotheus Tomicek has created what is now the 16th contribution to this series of exhibitions in Accenture’s Vienna office.

His work “Daybreak” addresses the magic of elementary images and their ability to evoke intense emotions.

Based on a photo of the dawn taken from the cabin window of an aeroplane the modulation of colour across the entire surface generates a range of atmospheric effects which change with the passing hours. One of these effects is the impression that Artstripe no. 16 is glowing and, partly, floating.

View Artstripe no. 16 (2017)

Places for People

14 December 2015

Places for People

Against the background of the refugee crisis, the contribution to the 2016 Architecture Biennale not only occupies the pavilion in Venice but also decentrally addresses real projects in Vienna. More concretely, three teams were commissioned to work together with NGOs to plan and accompany the adaptation of vacant buildings for the temporary accommodation of people while their asylum claims are processed. The objective of these interventions is to create humane living spaces for those affected, to subject architecture’s responsibility for social issues to a reality check and to present the results to a broad public in Venice.

View Places for People

Wien Mitte

11 December 2015

Wien Mitte

The multifunctional station and building complex "Wien Mitte" is the largest urban construction in Vienna since the Ringstrassen era and one of the most protracted and controversial construction projects in the past three decades. In a situation in which several verdicts on this building already seemed to be passed before it ever was completed, the publication attempts an unbiased and objective gander at the project.

View Elfie Semotan - Wien Mitte

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