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Liquid Frontiers
Think-and-do-tank, design studio and production agency with a strong cultural background and its headquarters in Vienna

Selected projects

ERSTE Foundation: Design concept and displays
Helle Not: the dark side of light
EVVA - Permanent Progress: 100 years of EVVA security technology
Miba Panorama
Places for People: Austria’s Contribution to the 15th Architecture Biennale in Venice, 2016
Kastor & Pollux
Proof of an external world: Art in architecture
Garant-Matrix: Cosmos of a Company
Nature on Stage: Informationpoints for the nature park „Ötztal“
Wertzeichen Europoa: 20 reasons for loving Europe
The Special Library: Social Sculpture
Porsche-Museum: Architecture in book form
Artstripe: Contemporary Austrian art in the Vienna Office of Accenture
Stealing Eyeballs: Designing Media


Going forward by looking back: Kastor & Pollux

31 December 2020

Going forward by looking back:  Kastor & Pollux

Liquid Frontiers has now been around for 20 years and, throughout this time, a series of communication measures have been developed for an individualistic, innovative hairdressing salon in Vienna, which, despite or even because of these measures, remains the city’s most unknown VIP salon. We mark this anniversary with an incomplete look back on some of the results of this long-term cooperation and by sending you Season’s Greetings for 2021.

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Still Day One

18 September 2020

Still Day One

„Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the one’s you did. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

Mark Twain

Exactely 20 years ago, on September 1 th 2000 Liquid Frontiers was officially founded by Sabine Dreher and Christian Muhr. Logo and Corporate Design were designed by Alois Schwaighofer using the pixel-based typeface “Lomo Wall” created by Swiss designer and typographer Fidel Peugeot. 

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Open Ear Vienna Competition Entry

24 August 2020

Open Ear Vienna Competition Entry

Vienna has headed a number of international rankings of “quality of life” for several years. However, despite the obviously good general environment, the city is only rated, at best, as a middle-ranking location in terms of its attractiveness to talented people from around the globe.

One reason for this must be the fact that there is little international awareness of how international Vienna has become. Not only founders and employees of startups but also scientists can fear being regarded as outsiders if they come to the city.

Hence, the broadly-based competition “Creatives for Vienna” outlined a project that seeks to demonstrate Vienna’s cultural diversity in an innovative way – also in design terms – while simultaneously countering this latent preconception of provinciality.

“Open Ear Vienna” seeks to deliver an acoustic portrait of Vienna in the form of short “linguistic samples” spoken by residents in their mother (or father) tongues – of which there are now well over 100 in the city. These are then collected on a website, where they can be not only heard but also, in their various typographical forms, seen.

Gratifyingly, this idea was selected from amongst the over 700 submissions by an expert jury and honoured alongside 239 others.

About the project Open Ear Vienna

Artstripe no. 18 (2020)

29 February 2020

Artstripe no. 18 (2020)

It is 20 years since Accenture opened its Vienna office in the former stock exchange building on Vienna’s Ringstraße – and since the presentation of the first interpretation of the Artstripe. Then, the office had around 150 employees: Today, there are around 700, who work in a series of settings throughout the building. The challenge of offering them a working environment that is both intellectually and atmospherically challenging while also making a valid artistic statement is met by the new Artstripe, no. 18, by Charlotte Klobassa with the same vigour as its 17 predecessors. At the same time, however, it naturally also represents an unprecedented, autonomous solution.

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Permanent Progress: 100 years of EVVA security technology

14 June 2019

Permanent Progress: 100 years of EVVA security technology

The acronym “EVVA” stands for “Erfindungs-Versuchs-Verwertungs-Anstalt” (the invention, experimentation and evaluation institute) as well as for one of the leading international manufacturers of all forms of keys and security systems. On almost exactly the centenary of the establishment of EVVA its headquarters in Vienna hosted the opening of an anniversary exhibition that addresses not only the past but also, in particular, the present and the future of the company. 

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