Liquid Frontiers

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Kastor & Pollux

20 years of Building a Beauty Brand




Kastor & Pollux Friseure, Wien


2000 - onging

print run:


Concept, Art direction, text:

Alois Schwaighofer

Liquid Frontiers (CM)

Photos of the collections:

Bettina Komenda, Alfred Pfeifer, Leo Krumbacher, Elsa Okazaki

The hairdressing salon “Kastor & Pollux” was founded in Vienna in 1992, during a period in which the city’s fashion scene was awash with optimism and Vienna was providing Helmut Lang with the starting point for his international breakthrough. “Kastor & Pollux” was also internationally oriented from the very start, due to the fact that the co-founder Hans Majer had spent years learning his trade in such salons as Vidal Sassoon in London and Hamburg, an experience that shaped him stylistically in the direction of British coolness and elegant understatement. From 2000, this international orientation was cultivated systematically by the fact that a small group of international top stylists with a similar background from Berlin, Hamburg and Munich were regularly invited to make guest appearances at “Kastor& Pollux” in the heart of Vienna. In order to spread the news of these visits it was necessary to send out announcements in the form of postcards, which were designed to communicate not only the dates but also the special spirit of the salon. 

Although they were often produced swiftly and spontaneously, these miniatures have gradually developed a distinct design line that is primarily shaped by a self-confident use of typography and can, on occasions, also be found within the salon.

The visual material comes from young, generally Austrian fashion photographers who always give the latest “K&P” collection of hair fashion their own, widely varying touch.

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