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Marke Österreich
Atelier Liska Wesle
Uncorporate Design

A complex approach becomes the “Uncorporate Design” of the Austria stamp. The design is open to free and individual interpretation – just like the country itself. (Anna Liska & Andreas Wesle)

Anna Liska (*1980) & Andreas Welse (*1976)

In 2009, the Austro-German design duo of Anna Liska and Andreas Wesle very consciously established their “Atelier Liska Wesle” in both their home cities of Vienna and Berlin as a means of maximising both their potential area of action and radius of inspiration. The works of “Atelier Liska Wesle” embody the principle of “Uncorporate Design”, which they juxtapose with the notion of “design as service offering” and its in-built tendency towards the standardisation of content and reliance on static visual formulae. Anna Liska and Andreas Wesle believe in “design as performance”, regarding the surface of a page or poster as a stage upon which their very precisely accentuated choreography of image and text facilitates the emergence of contentual and formal multi-dimensionality. This dramatic approach promotes complexity and dynamic, but also the strongly suggestive effect exemplified by their new image for the “Tanzquartier Wien” and their redesigns for both “dérive - Zeitschrift für Stadtforschung” and “Spex - Magazin für Popkultur”, in which the intelligent new layout of both magazines ensured a new openness without being afraid of irritating the reader.