Liquid Frontiers

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Marke Österreich
Dorothea Brunialti
Renewing spaces – creating circulation

dentity as work in progress, as permanent building site. The separating of postage stamps or the tearing of barrier tape mark the division between the visible and the speakable aspects of identity. The safety of wide open spaces rather than the conquering of the last uncharted corner.

Dorothea Brunialti (*1973)

Design is, for Dorothea Brunialti, the result of an intensive examination of the subject and, principally, of the work of contemporary artists. Hence, art and design should be understood as being not in competition but in dialogue with each other, as is exemplified in the joint working sessions essential to both the development and implementation of design concepts. The focus of such an approach is always the work of art and the question of how it can be transferred into the chosen medium of the book in a way which adds clarity and coherence without losing complexity. The richness of the associations revealed by reading Dorothea Brunialti’s publications for such artistic institutions as the Secession, MUMOK and the Salzburg Summer Academy are concrete proof of her commitment to the classical typographical approach. The organizational principle of her catalogue for Nadim Vardag is drawn from the orthogonal structure of some of Vardag’s works and the current book covering exhibitions of the work of Hans Schabus in Lyon and Lisbon document the installations and sculptures of the artist in a strongly uniform 1:1 scale as a way of training the reader to identify the relationships between groups of works, media and motifs.