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Marke Österreich
Elisabeth Kopf

Marginal notes on an “(un)ambiguous” brand image:

A marked territory between Europe’s and Austria’s largest lakes: the land of the puddles.

A generally skilled civilisation, outstanding talents:
Language, intellect and everything that language and intellect can produce 

Champions in winter sports and the catholic attitude to starting families: Stud=maker of children and stork=bringer of children

Speech (and sometimes thought) dominated by dialect: Home of the globally used greeting “hi”, servitude is also expressed in expressions of greeting and farewell (servus!).

Optimistic representative of the European currency system: 62 Cent-ral

Due to the loss of the once considerable numbers of crown lands and in keeping with the nine remaining states, only nine of the letters of the name ÖsterReich are pronounced. The silent R is retained as a relic of the historical Reich.

The Chinese name for Austria constantly gains in meaning: ào-di-li – very small land – far away – very fertile

Elisabeth Kopf (*1963)

For the graphic designer Elisabeth Kopf, design is a product of the thinking process. She designs not only media but also, always, hypotheses - about, for instance, the essence of a commission. In doing so, she loves to go the extra mile and – as an autodidact who is used to constantly and mercilessly challenging her own assumptions – invariably wanders from her brief in favour of being driven by reality. Elisabeth Kopf regards design as a form of engagement in which analytical intelligence combines with a passion for the task in hand. This process-based methodology, which invariably involves clients and sparring partners from other disciplines and cultures, results in works which communicate a theme by incorporating it. As Kopf applies both theoretical principles and scientific results in her own practice, unusual results emerge, such as a CD box which not only contains recordings by the Vienna Art Orchestra but also some ingenious perforations which enable the box to make its own music. Similarly, Kopf’s use of a portrait of Alfred Adler in the visual identity for the Vienna meeting of the “International Congress for Individual Psychology” should boost the ego-strength of the whole Adlerian school of psychotherapy.