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Marke Österreich
Stefan Gandl
Austria = stamp™

A redefinition of Brand Austria requires the invention of no new symbol. When viewed from a distance, the two red stripes of the Austrian flag resemble an = (equals sign). This allows us to interpret the Austrian flag as “Austria equals”. Such an act of concentration creates a vacuum and it is this vacuum which transforms the stamp into a democratic podium: a podium for the new Austrian identity. This identity cannot be the “vision” of a single designer but rather the true “sense of identity” of every Austrian.

The stamp (smart stamp ™) allows everyone to state their opinion, e.g.: Austria = Wiener schnitzel, roast chicken; Austria = 45,670 types of animals of which 98.6 % are invertebrates.

All these opinions are collected on a dedicated website and transmitted using augmented reality, resulting in a broad debate about the Austrian identity. Participate here using your smartphone and the free Junaio Austria = Postage Stamp app. Whether in the newspaper or Internet – opinions about this identity will be displayed. Enter your opinion and submit it to us. Or via the Internet at

Stefan Gandl (*1969)

Digital fonts, geometrical patterns and pictograms are the central foundations on which the Austrian designer has built, since 2001, not only his Studio Neubau in Berlin but also the entirely new world of symbols which he and his international team are constantly expanding. Driven by unceasing experimentation, Gandl has succeeded in combining these long-standing interests with new digital instruments as a means of reinventing both his own modus operandi and the role of the designer (as author). The milestones along Gandl’s path include the best-sellers “Neubau Welt” (2005), “Neubau Modul” (2007) and “Neubauism” (2008), whose compilation of thousands of samples and vector illustrations of daily objects transformed them into veritable encyclopaedias of the digital age. This portfolio is also available on line – together with around 150 fonts from the Neubau stable. The spectrum of activity is as wide as the content, reaching from the print media and computer games to the music videos which feature Neubau graphics – whether employed by the team itself or other members of the global creative community. Neubau’s commissions focus on the area of design and typography for print, screen and spatial applications.