Liquid Frontiers

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Marke Österreich

We see a nation that defines itself through its sense of cooperation. An Austria open to the world in which diversity and difference set the unique tone. We see a nation with international flair; a nation networked with the world with which the whole world can identify. An Austria inspired by the whole world – and vice versa.

Verena Panholzer (*1979) & Roman Steiner (*1980)

The art directors Verena Panholzer and Roman Steiner cooperate regularly – but not exclusively with each other. Roman Steiner has worked for many years with Demner, Merlicek and Bergmann and Verena Panholzer both for herself and for other agencies. This constant switching between employment and self-employment and between cultural and commercial commissions is not only characteristic of the work of the joint label but also its central creative factor. The declared objective of finding the best design solution to every commission becomes particularly testing where the circumstances appear the most unsatisfactory. Open to any challenge, the team has a strong conceptual approach which it applies to such tasks as brand development and book, magazine and packaging design. The output is visually powerful, imaginative and unconventional and yet the central importance of communication is never overlooked. The “Nightline” poster series for the Ars Electronica Center, the text and image-rich customer magazine “Silver” for the Internet provider Silverserver or the self-initiated book “Typefaces”, which makes exclusive use of photography to illustrate typography, are instantly accessible and yet offer adequate room for more complex interpretation.